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Google Crawler sees empty lines / blocked content


I have a search site which is controlled vie URL parameters. On page load the URL parameters are evaluated and database search is performed.
Here is the page

It seems, like the Crawler does not get the dynamic content.
See screenshots.

Has anybody else had these problems?

We send some generated HTML to Google’s crawlers, however I’m not sure how Google handles parameters in the URLs. This is more a question for google I think. The search console may let you define which parameter is important.

The parameters seem to be fine, since the headline “Alle Ausflugsziele” is read from one of the loaded things.

Do you send the HTML after the search function has loaded everything from the database and after all workflows are done?

We send it 15 seconds after page load, if the user is logged out

That should be more than enough, since the performance of bubble is great. The site is loaded within a few seconds.

Maybe it is a rendering issue of google.
I tried the crawler from smartphone perspective and everything looks fine: