Help Please! Googlebot Crawling Desktop View Erroneously (Breaking SEO)

Hello fellow Bubblers – I’m not sure how systemic this issue is, but it appears to have been previously reported.

Googlebot is crawling our responsive Bubble app/pages in a fixed desktop view, which has the effect of cutting off almost all content from Googlebot’s view. This is confirmed in Google Search Console > URL Inspection > Live Test > Screenshot view.

Chrome, Safari, and Firefox (Desktop, mobile) have no issues properly displaying the viewport of a mobile phone, but Googlebot fails every time. It has had the effect of preventing all of the Bubble app from having any meaningful appearance in Google search, making this a major issue for our team.

We already use Javascript for dynamic content for SEO, including variables throughout the page, meta title, description, dates, canonical references, etc. These have been somewhat unreliable in that they don’t load in time 100% of the time, but otherwise appeared to help compensate for Bubble’s SEO inadequacies.

Now we just need to ensure we can force a mobile viewport for Googlebot/Bingbot search engine crawlers successfully.

Please help! Thank you fellow Bubblers!

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Alright so I’ll give it a shot:

I’d first check your index page’s Preset Page Width.
(Index editor Tab > Layout > Preset Page Width)


I’m not sure which is correct, if you have it on Mobile I’d try Full Width.

My other (worse) suggestion is to try adding some CSS to make the page’s “Min-Width” to be 100%. (!Important to override any other thing there since we can’t remove it.)

min-width: 100% !important;