Google distancematrix and API Connector

Hi, I would like to call G’Api “DistanceMatrix”, and I set up it trough “API Connector” using this call[origin]&destinations=[destination]&key=HIDDEN

It works. But I have problem with restriction. I followed the info in the manual of Bubble, but with “API Connector” I don’t understand how to set up Google restrictions. Indeed, it works only without restrictions.

“Distance Matrix API” is enabled “Server side”.
“Referrer HTTP” is enabled “Client Side” using*

Any advice?

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You’d have to screenshot how you’ve set it up in the API connector and what restrictions you’d like to set up.

Here I am, with all the relevant screenshots…


From the look of things, your Google API setup is okay. What error does Google return when you call the API from the API Connector?

I receive:
“destination_addresses”: [],
"error_message": “API keys with referer restrictions cannot be used with this API.”,
“origin_addresses”: [],
“rows”: [],
"status": "REQUEST_DENIED"

Hi, I have the same problem. Did you mange to solve this problem?

  1. I 've correctly configured Google maps keys in general settings, as basic maps module works well, but I cannot access Google Distance Matrix API and other Google Map API services.
  2. My billing set-up is correct.

nope… switched to another system

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