Google domain in Philippines

Hi, need help. How can I setup my domain? Currentlly on Hobby plan and planning to get Personal plan to get own domain name. How is the process? Philippines is not supported by Google Domains.

Im assuming when you said domain as in your “” ?

Believe you can get your from other provider such as go daddy. Well hello fellow south east asian bubbler! :grinning:

For my understanding, I’ll just buy a domain name right? Not the whole web hosting? What provider would you recommend then? I saw godaddy and HostM. Don’t know where to go. :sweat_smile:

Another question also, I don’t need to buy SSL encryption right? It’s included in the Personal plan? Am I correct?

You dont need webhosting as bubble app is stored in bubble environment. And i believe ssl is included in personal plan too.

I bought mine via godaddy but if 1 advise i can give u is sign up with the privacy protection too unless you want all sort of spam email coming to your email. Hope that helps

Thank you very much for your response! New bubbler here. :sweat_smile:

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