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Google-esque search functionality

When you create a search bar in Bubble, it only searches for exact words. If you add two words, and none of the two are in the database,it wont yield any results. Is there a way to capitalize on a more robust search capability? Where the search is not too restrictive? Even better, if it can use googles ability to understand questions?


You can do a all field search, which analyses text more like Google, but then it’s an input and a repeating group, not the search box.


HI I am not sure I understand. I placed a search box and a repeating group below it. When I enter something ib the search box, data with the exact word appear on the repeating group. But if there is an additional word, then data with only the first word don’t appear. In google these would all still appear but ranked differently.

Just use an input (not a search box) and use a constraint in the repeating group’s data source, searching for ‘any field’


Is there a way to search for any string within text fields ?

Currently it seems that the word has to match exactly which is not the standard behaviour of searches. For instance if I have a record called “books” and I search for “book” the search or filter will not find anything…

That would be a must for my app and probably for many others…


Actually the ‘search box’ I used wasn’t properly setup. With the right config it works well with ‘search boxes’.

It is not refreshing the repeating group when I remove the text in the search area but I hope I will be able to sort it out.

I tried the search (simple way) and it look to work fine?

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