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One search input to search multiple data fields?

Right now I have a few data fields and in order for a user to search the only way I have figured out how to do it is to create a couple of search boxes where the user can type in text for different data fields to pull. For example, one is for location, and another is for role, and another for education. But I have a search box in my header I want the user to use. But I would like if it the user would type in something in that box to search through all of the three fields. Does that make sense?

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Hey @edgar are you using a repeating group and doing a search for ‘x’? If so you can set up a constraint for the repeating group which says “Any Field contains ‘Inputs’ value”. It would look something like this:


Thanks @fayewatson! I tried that and it seemed to have worked fine, but I just realized it is not giving me all the possible results. Any idea on this - Search isn't bringing up all possible items

Hmm, I’m not sure, I saw you filed a bug report – the only thing I could think of was if there was a value in the ‘within 50 miles of search box’ considering only two CEO’s showed up and both are in Washington, and she was in San Francisco. But it looks like that value was left empty, so she should still show up? :thinking: