Google Font Icons

Hey all,

I was just reading on Twitter and came across a Tweet from Google Fonts about then launching out the materialized icons.

How can we use this on Bubble? Is this something Bubble themselves need to integrate?

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Wow, that would be awesome :slight_smile: :computer:

Yeah it would! It was just introduced about 24 hours ago. @allenyang @nick.carroll @josh @emmanuel any thoughts?

Hey, @johnny,

I just added <link href="" rel="stylesheet"> in my Script/meta tags in header and add an HTML element with <span class="material-icons md-18">face</span> this for example and it worked perfectly.

But would love to see how can we implement this on the slidable menu, @Bubble

Yes, I know that’s possible but I would love it in an element like the “icons.” Maybe I’ll look into making a free plugin for this

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Great idea, @johnny

What would be great is a way to use this inline on a text element the same way we can with font awesome icons.

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@johnny and @hacker Thanks for the tip. How do adjust the size? I tried using the following. Didn’t work.

<span class="material-icons md-30">face</span>

Hey, @SumitC,

You need to add

.material-icons {
  font-size: 24px;

In the HTML element, and change the font-size to whatever you want.

All the documentation comes here :grinning: :computer:


Thank you @hacker. Saw the documentation. Didn’t get it. Not HTML literate yet :grinning:

Your answer helped.