[New Feature] New Material Icon plugin

We just added a new icon element to the library, based on Google’s Material Icons. Search for Material Icons in the plugin list and you can start using this new element.


Guess one can use the Replace element action to switch to it if they wish without losing workflows (like for when clicking the icon)

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Can we use make the icon rotate on these ? Can’t see that option

No it’s not an option they provide (it’s specific to fontawesome icons).

It is possible to update the library (many new stuff we’ll use). Thanks.

Is there a changelog somewhere?

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It’s on github, looks like they just pushed version 3.01. https://github.com/google/material-design-icons/releases


We’ll add that early next week.

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It’s live


How to Use It… I am a dumb beginner looking forward for help and knowledge

Install the plugin:

Then select it from the elements tree and put it somewhere in your app :smile:

How do I use the icon material in a text element as I do with [fa] [/ fa]

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i think it’d be nice to see all the icons in the plug-in and also choose from the separate design options: outlined, filled, rounded, sharp, and two tone.