Google Gemini Plugin


  1. Installation:
  • Navigate to the Bubble plugin marketplace and search for “Gemini.”
  • Install the plugin to integrate its capabilities into your Bubble environment.
  1. API Key Configuration:
  • Generate an API key by visiting MakerSuite API Key Generation.
  • Enter the API key in the Gemini plugin settings within your Bubble application to activate the plugin.
  1. Utilization:
  • For text generation, simply input your prompt into the plugin action.
  • For text and image analysis, ensure images are uploaded to S3 and converted to base64 format, then input the image and text instructions.
  • For creating vector embeddings, input the desired text directly into the plugin. Returns a list of vectors.

The Gemini Bubble Plugin opens up a myriad of applications across various sectors:

  • Content Creation: Automate and enhance the generation of dynamic content, from blog posts to product descriptions, with the text generation endpoint.
  • E-Commerce: Improve product recommendations and search functionalities by analyzing user reviews and product descriptions through vector embeddings.
  • Social Media Platforms: Enhance user engagement by analyzing images and texts to create more relevant and personalized content feeds.
  • Educational Tools: Leverage AI to provide personalized learning experiences, summarizing content and generating study materials based on textual inputs.
  • Customer Support: Automate responses and analyze customer feedback with greater accuracy and efficiency, improving service quality and response times.

By integrating the Gemini plugin into your Bubble applications, you’re not just enhancing your platform’s capabilities; you’re also paving the way for innovative solutions that can adapt to user needs and market trends. The Gemini Bubble Plugin is more than a tool; it’s a catalyst for transformation in the digital world also serves as a cheaper alternative to GPT-4 or Open AI.

Plugin link : Gemini Plugin | Bubble
Demo page : Maspad | Bubble Editor