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Google Maps address field

Having problems with the new Google maps I cant seem to work how to set the address field. Is it possible to set this dynamically or is this static where do you set it?

I have been trying to do what you did (@emmanuel) at the Hi talk a map of types of place around an address. It is doing my head in. Any help would be appreciated.

You need a field of type Address on your source.

Thanks @NigelG,

I have treid doing it as a field set to address and as a geo address. The issue I am having is the interface for the map is different to the one in the tutorials and docs. I can not seem to be bale to select the field from the the address field element.

If you have more info or an example that would be a great help.


What map are you using ?

This one…

I am having the same issue, I would like to fill in the address field with an address value in an API that i have in a repeating group on the same page. Does the address field need to be saved as a thing or can it be from an API?