Google Maps Address

My Source of “Things” is individual address items (ie, address name, address1, address2, city, state, zip…

How do I pass the “combined” address to the Google maps display?

Thanks for the help!

You will need to create something with an Address field, and set it to the combined address (or maybe just zip if that is close enough).

Could be a list of custom states.

In doing this, how do I put hte fields together? I put a field on the screen that will be the full address. I created a field for it in the data part, but i"m struggling on how to put it together (when?) and where. Ie, if I have autobinding on, is there a way to set it up to “update” as the other fields get edited, and can I do this with a field that is not vislble?

Sorry for the questions…new to bubble, but this is pretty awesome in general!

Anyone have any thoughts on best ways to concatenate these individual address fields?

For some reason it doesn’t work on the page (so using custom states etc).

What you need (for example) to do is store the actual geographic addresses on the User.


A found, arguably, an easier way. I concatenate in a multi-line text that is hidden and then stuff back into the field in the workflow. Text box doesn’t allow it, but multi-line does!

Thanks for the help!

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