How to concatenate data


In my app, I have 3 input boxes, 1 for Street & number, 1 for zip code and 1 for City. I store those information into a database but, based on those information, I would like to concatenate all 3 into a geographical address that I store in the database and I use to set a map markup.

For exemple, I have :
Street : Nowhere street 32
Zip : 12345
City : Nowhere
I would like to create something like :
fullAddress : Nowhere street 32, 12345 Nowhere

Does anyone has an idea on how to do ?


Use the “create a new thing” workflow and assign a dynamic value to fullAddress in the workflow like this: “input 1’s value, input2’s value input 3’s value” (you can place spaces, or any characters, or no characters between each input’s value).

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And alternatively, use an input of type geographic address to get this information (geographic address) directly. You can use :extract to extract city, state, etc from a geographic address

Hi Deadpoetnsp,

Many thanks for you answer. Unfortunately,I can’t make it. Here is what I do :
1 : On the button “Save” in my UI, I create a workflow.
2 : I click on “Click here to add an action …”
3 : I select “Data (Things)3 - “Create new things …”

4 : I select “Type” - “Select a new type …”
Screenshot at 2020-08-22 16-22-24
5 : I enter the Type name (fullAddress)
6 : I click on “+ Set another field”
7 :I click on " Create new field …”
Screenshot at 2020-08-22 16-25-13
8 : I then enter the Field Name : (fullAddress) and then I need to pick a field type but there aro no “Dynamic value”

What am I doing wrong ?

I’ve explained what’s missing below. However, I strongly (very strongly) recommend completing all Bubble tutorials, including the in-editor tutorial and at least a few Bubble clone tutorials (google for “ clone tutorials” to find them).

There are two different activities that you need to do.

  1. The first is to define new Types and its Fields in the database. Before doing anything further in your app, take time to figure out your data structure. Go to the database tab first and define Types and Fields as needed.

  2. After step 1) you can create, update, and delete Things of the Type you defined in step 1)

What you are missing is that you have not completed step 1) for fullAddress.

What’s a little confusing for new Bubble users is that Bubble allows you to do step 1) in workflows. But again, whether you do step 1) from the DB tab or in the Workflow tab, you still need to complete step 1) first and then do step 2). This is what you are seeing above. Because you haven’t completed step 1) Bubble cannot let you do step 2).

To complete step 1), proceed to set the field type to Text and hit Create. After you do that, then you will be able to create a new Thing of Type fullAddress.

You only need to do step 1) (define fullAddress) once. After that, in any subsequent workflow you create, you can proceed to step 2) without having to do step 1) for fullAddress

Hi Deadpoetnsp,

In fact this works for a field of type “text”, I can concatenate the 3 field, no problems but impossible with a field of type “geographic address”. How can I transfer the content of the “text” field to the “geographic address” field ?

Kind regards

Instead of concatenating, I recommend using a single input (or searhbox) of type geographic address to begin with. That way, the user can directly enter the address in a single place. In the app, you can use :extract to extract the city, state, etc. In this way, you can avoid needing to get separate fields and joining them.