Google Maps and Geocode API not working

I have enabled billing on Google, enabled both GeoCode and Static Maps API and created two API keys called server and client and added them to the api inputs in the Bubble Editor but the maps are still not working and I don’t know what’s wrong

Issued resolved by looking in the Bubble manual

Are you able to use static maps? I am trying to find out how to use maps embeded api instead of the javascript maps since the embeded is free. I am trying to use the embeded on a retailers listing page that would not be changing.

Haven’t tried the statics map maybe you could use HMTL element and paste the code for the embed of the static map?

I have set up dynamic embeds of content before using the HTML element

That sounds interesting. I have no idea how to find that code though.

Any tips on that?

Try using copying and pasting the link from this page with your API key and an img tag in the HTML element in Bubble

Thank you for the link.

Now my issue is I have no idea how to code and I could spend the rest of my life trying every different sequence I could think that might work and still not get it to display.

I’ve tried doing a bunch of stuff for an hour now and no luck getting it to display.

This is the last html code I entered before giving up realizing I will never be able to figure out what I’m doing wrong here.


Do you have an example of the code inside a bubble html element that is working? It would be a great help. Once I get that portion I should be able to fiddle around with the location information to enter the right coordinates etc.


Does anybody know how to set up the HTML that @253digital linked to?

Still can’t get this figured out. Would love to utilize it.

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