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Bubble suddenly wants a Google Map API

Hi All,

I’m getting two errors in my app that I haven’t seen in nearly a year of running it without any changes to domain or plan. I’m being asked for a Google Geocode API and a Google Map key. My company doesn’t have a Google Apps account, so I have no way of providing these.

What’s the deal? Did something change on Bubble or Google’s end such that this is now an error?


I just started seeing the same errors, and I have the same questions.

That’s a bit reassuring, at least.

The good news is, the errors don’t appear to interfere with app deployment. That was my biggest worry. So for now, it’s just annoying to have the red text up there when there isn’t anything I can actually fix.

You don’t need to have a google app account. You just need to create a Google account and go to dev console to create an API for both API. But Iagree that I started to see this message on app that was not showing this before


I’ll give this a try, thanks.

That worked. Not exactly an intuitive process, but there ya go. Thanks very much!

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Ok, an update:

After enabling the Geocode and Javascript Maps APIs in my Google account dev settings, the issues at the top of my Bubble site disappeared, BUT the embedded map on my site is now broken because I don’t have a payment account linked to my Google account.

We’re a nonprofit, so I’m looking into having my IT team sign us up for Google for Nonprofits, which appears to give us a certain number of API calls at no cost, but with no guarantee that they’ll want to do this, and no guarantee that I won’t still have to add a payment account, this is sort of a bummer non-solution.

I understand why Bubble would want to offload these calls to the users (if that is what happened), but … boo. Unfortunately, I may now need to remove the map feature from my site.

Did you have to add a payment account to your Google account, and are you now paying for the API calls?

Yes, this message was shown in the property editor before and people weren’t able to see it. We let people use our Google keys when they build their apps in dev mode, but as people get into production we expect them to use their own keys. Google does offer $200 of credits monthly though when you enter your billing information, so hopefully that’ll cover most of the fees.


Thanks for the explanation—this makes perfect sense.

Unfortunately in our case, we raise funding as we go, and even advocating for my team to budget for the base monthly Bubble fee was touchy. An unknown fee that changes from month to month, even a small amount, isn’t something we can budget for.

What I’ll likely end up doing is taking screenshots of the maps and rebuilding the current filtering functionality from there.

Actually—the free plan probably will work. I may just put my personal billing info in for now. There’s no world in which our network of students/teachers/grant writers will exceed 14,000 loads in a year. Plus lots of the features are offered on an unlimited basis under the free plan.

I’m attaching a screenshot of the pricing structure for maps features under the free plan for the others among us who are Google dev newbies:

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You need a huge amount of API call to have something to pay. I don’t remember if you can limit the number of call so this reduce the chance of paying something


I just set the billing information in my Google Cloud Platform and my map still broke.
I can’t make it work.

I followed this step by step:

After that I configured the billing information. Nothing. Still doesn’t show the map.

Does someone have any clues what might be happening?

Recently made a new map and running into the same problem. Not sure why, my other map from before is still working but the new one isn’t

is anyone getting errors with their maps… Ours is saying it’s for development only and it’s stopped our searchboxes from functioning

My maps quit functioning two days ago (7/12).

Getting this info from the console:
Google Maps JavaScript API error: RefererNotAllowedMapError
Your site URL to be authorized:

I haven’t touched my referrer information nor my Google account and maps were working fine before.

Here’s the error message that I see:
This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.

Any thoughts?

Yep that happened to me too

Anybody find a fix for this?
Have the same problem. I can’t even save location information to the database, I get an error.

Hello all, first time posting and hope to become a fellow positive contributor to the forum. Just curious if there’s been a fix to this? I just purchased one of the templates and before I go live, it shows me the 2 error messages mentioned earlier in the thread. I’m ok to to thru the hoops to get that set up but concerned that it will all be for nothing if there’s still an error? Thanks in advance

Alguem conseguiu resolver o problema?