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Google Maps API Considerations for Apartments/Suites/Etc

The Google Maps API appears to not handle apartment/suite information in a way that preserves the initial details. I’m curious as to how other apps have solved this / share my solution.


  • Input: 123 Main Street, Suite 100, Mountain View, CA 94041
  • Output: 123 Main Street, #100, Mountain View, CA 94041

Google returns #100 as the subpremise. However, the intent of Suite is lost.

Current solution:

  1. Record the user’s address, as entered, using the Google auto-fill search
  2. Have a Secondary Field for (address 2nd line variable(s)), which is prompted after the Google search

When displaying the result, re-assemble the address with Street # Street, Secondary Field, City, State Zip

I found a validation of this approach on TaskRabbit yesterday. But open to other solutions.