Google Maps doesn't update anymore?

Hello everybody,

I’m having a new issue: when a user enters a certain location in search box, the Google Maps map that is linked to it doesn’t update anymore. This is a new issue, since I never had problems with this before and I didn’t change anything. Anyone else experienced this?


I have opened a bug report about this about 4 hours ago, until now not I didn’t receive any update. Bug Report number 2144.

Yeah man, it’s all of the searchbox inputs. None of them are working. I reported this so this should be fixed soon.

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Have to be set to high priority. Many hours without the services in a business day. To my business is highly critical.

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Having tons of problems with geographic addresses and maps today, just started out of nowhere. I can’t even use the debugger because anything that has to do with addresses crashes the page with the “Sorry…” popup dialog after about 30 seconds of doing nothing.

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We’re looking into this


Hey guys, the issue is that we’re hitting services limits with our Google geocoding API key. We’re in the process of getting those limits lifted now. Meanwhile, you can switch to using your own key by going to Settings -> General -> General Services API Keys -> Google Geocode API Key.

Instructions for getting your own key are here:


I did that. Fixed. Thanks

Does anyone know if you use the same key both spots? i.e. same key in geocode and map API because that is what I did and had no luck.

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