Google Maps Extended, input fields disabled, e.g. "Origin Address" for directions

Hey fellow bubble enthusiasts, I’m hoping that I will receive some advice on where to start troubleshooting my issues, paraphrased above but following is a little more detail, please let me know if you would like any additional information.

I am using OSX 10.13.6, Chrome (same issue with Firefox also) 84.0.4147.89 64 bit.

I have a Personal bubble account.

Any app that I build, e.g. a test app or my current POC app results in the same behaviour when using Maps Extended.

When creating a workflow and selecting the maps extended element, i.e. Directions Maps Extended, I am unable to add an “origin address”, this same behaviour is true for adding a marker, I am unable to add a marker address.

What do I mean by “unable to add … address”? Well, the field within the Maps Extended step configuration panel is unselectable, I am unable to place a cursor and add data in this field. The field does change colour when hovered.

Below is a test app with the maps extended added, if you are unable to think of anything I should check, can you confirm this works from your end, or not? It would limit the problem to something in my environment if so.

also, Maps extended will only display a map in preview (not sure if this is normal but thought to mention behaviour), not sure if this is related.

Thanks for reading! I hope you are all well!


Hey there Ben,

I too am trying to figure out this plugin, very little to no documentation outside of the demo at this time from what I can find. IF SOMEONE HAS FOUND DOCUMENTATION FOR THIS PLUGIN PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE POST IT SOMEWHERE

First thing, please turn on your Test app to public view so I can try that out. Thats in the General section under Settings. When I open the link I see “User does not have permission to view this document”.

On this, the only workaround i’ve found is right-click and Paste Expression in there. It will allow you to edit the dynamic entry fter that. WARNING: I am experiencing this field to populate a random address after I click out of it even if the expression was in right. The expression you use in “Destination Address” Field should be similar to that in the “Origin Address”, in theory at least. This is how it looks in the Demo at least.

Also for the Directions in the Demo see the Set State step and the additional parameters for the Custom State Value that are Lat/Long. of both the Origin and Destination address. Those seem to work.

This is how it is supposed to run because all of its data are from Workflows, it will never populate in the editor.

Hope we can get this origin field figured out, I don’t understand how it works in the Demo but not otherwise.