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This plugin seems to have terrific features that I’d love to use but I can’t get it to show a simple map…

  • Have added a Map Extended on my page
  • Have defined Center Location (GeoAddress field), Map type (Road), Style (Legacy) and Zoom (12)
  • Can’t figure out what I should put in the “Legacy Style” field of my element though… I’ve tried to leave it empty, to copy paste my Map style URL from Google styling wizard, to copy paste JSON from Google styling wizard…

No matter what I always get the following error in my console:

I’ve been to the plugin page and exemples, searched the Bubble forum and tried to find a tutorial to get started.

cc @AliFarahat

Ran into a similar problem recently. This was a response from the plugin developer:

We are in the process of updating our maps plugin. In the meantime please to get around this error please add a regular Bubble Google map thats hidden anywhere on the page. That should force Bubble to load Google Maps Scripts

Hope this helps.

Thanks @lachlankirkwood1

I saw that suggestion from a thread on the forum… unfortunately I already have a regular Google map on the page (it’s not hidden though but I don’t think that would make a difference since Bubble already loads Google maps scripts).

I am actually trying to replace the regular Google Maps to see if this improves performances: I have very large data sets (several thousands addresses) and it takes a long time to load all the markers every time the user changes one of the filters.

What I liked about this Extended plugin (among other features that sound promising to improve the UX) is the possibility to limit the number of markers loaded to the boundaries of the map actually showing (related to zoom level) and I was thinking that it might slightly improve load time.

Are you happy with this plugin’s performances?

Hello @tbenita ,

Sorry your facing issues. Can you share the app editor page that I can debug this issue on?

Your welcome to DM me with the details

Thanks for your reply @AliFarahat
This is still on my To-Do list but not a priority anymore, I’ll give it another shot in a few weeks from now and get back to you if the problem still occurs.

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