Google Maps Extended


I’m using a SearchBox for places and a map from Google Maps Extended plugin.

When I drag the map, I want the SearchBox to be updated (write the address of the map’s center).
is it possible to do that?


It will be easier to show you how to do than explain it . Can you share a page on your editor and I can quickly set it up for you

Thanks for your reply,

Here it is:

Ok All done!

Thanks a lot, your plugin is really helpful.

Can you please check this gif; when I drag the map, the SearchBox doesn’t change.

How to make both SearchBox and map being synchronized?

OK, Done again hehehehehe

Super nice ^_^, thanks.

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@AliFarahat maybe you can include this in the demo or document it? I need something like this done for myself.

Since your plugin had minimal documentation and solution was not clear in this thread, I created an HTML element and put Google Maps code in it. It is working as such, but I am not able to initiate it with the dynamic location. For me this map opens in a pop-up where I need to mark the map location to a place which user would have input. But it is not going to dynamic place.

Maybe your plugin has this solved. Could you document how to use it too?


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Hey @AliFarahat - I too would love to see how you implemented this!

Hi @AliFarahat, I’ll be glad if you could help me with this requirement:

I have a map (using the Google Map Extend plugin) and a repeating group. A very simple list with addresses saved in the database.

What I’m trying to do is to synchronize the Map markers with the Repeating Group (RP), so if the user zooms it or move to another direction, the RP should show the addresses saved on that “boundaries”.

For example, in the following image, I zoomed the Map to a specific region with just 2 markers (addresses), but the RP doesn’t reflect that…

I know the plugin is very powerful, but cannot figure out which options I have to choose from in the workflow. Tried several options, but no success… :frowning:
This is the actual setup:

Can’t figure out how to configure the “data source”… probably I choose the wrong option…
Can you give me a hand on that?
Thank you!

Hi @Tomdez1989 , trying to reproduce what you said here:

But really having a hard time with that. Can you explain to me how do you did it?
I’m trying to achieve the requirement described above.

Thank you,

I’m also trying to change search results based on map drag, can someone explain this please?


I would like to list the optimised route that is produced by Google Maps. i.e. I pass an origin, a destination and a bunch of waypoints in to Google Maps Extended, it then plots them on to the map, but I need a way of extracting those waypoints in the order that Google Maps has ordered them in using the route optimisation feature.

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Hello @AliFarahat.

I often see this error displayed on my app (but not always) :

The plugin Google Maps Extended / action Add Markers List a Maps Extended threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘fitBounds’)
at eval (PLUGIN_1479901297703x967536405834891300/Google-Maps-Extended-element_action–Maps-Extended-Add-Markers-List-.js:177:17)
at (please report this to the plugin author)

=> Do you know what can cause the triggering of this alert?


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same here, anyone have a solution? thanks!

Hey guys @taylor1 @trouland @AliFarahat did you find a solution for this error?

The plugin Google Maps Extended / action Add Markers List a Maps Extended threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘fitBounds’)
at eval (PLUGIN_1479901297703x967536405834891300/Google-Maps-Extended-element_action–Maps-Extended-Add-Markers-List-.js:177:17)


We pushed several fixes this week. Did you upgrade to the latest version yet?

Yes, i have the: 13.1.13 version

So are you executing this workflow after the plugins ready state is equal to yes and it is visible on the page??

yes, but still not working