UPDATED - Google Maps Extended

Hello all,

We have released a new updated to the most popular Google Maps Plugin on Bubble.io :partying_face:

New update contains
:white_check_mark: New responsive engine
:white_check_mark: Dynamically loaded script with improved handling of double API situations for the same map.
:white_check_mark: Marker Clustering
:white_check_mark: Improved Error Handling on marker list
:white_check_mark: Zoom Level (attach a map event to see this)
:white_check_mark: Improved Directions and Muti stop directions
:white_check_mark: Add a label to a marker. We are working to add dynamic markers! Google has this in beta but we believe this will be beneficial for everyone to us
:white_check_mark: Support for Dynamic Maps (Map ID) & Dynamic Styling
:white_check_mark: Added Elevation API
:white_check_mark: Control over marker drop animation
:white_check_mark: Added Address Validation API
:white_check_mark: Update existing API Calls
:white_check_mark: KML/GPX to GeoJSON conversion
:white_check_mark: So much more

Upgrade to the new public beta version or give it a test drive on our showcase app https://upstarters-showcase.bubbleapps.io/version-test/plugin-google-maps-ext

Please share feedback or report bugs via the demo link!


Looks like great stuff @AliFarahat! Baffled as to why this is free. At least point to a donations page, friend.


I guess that’s the way it has always been :sweat_smile:, but good suggestion @keith

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Top-notch work, very cool and extensive

is it possible to display all info windows? If so, how can I do this?

Thanks in advance!

Nobi don’t this is possible with current plugin features

Hi! Is it possible to completely disable the animation when adding a marker?
Didn’t find it when adding a single marker

I don’t think we have this. Will add it to the list

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Hey this action don’t work

Снимок экрана 2023-07-02 в 21.02.04

Does this action run when the map ready state = yes?

Yes, at the time of this step on the map there are already markers that I want to remove in order to put the new


Have you been to find a solution to this issue?


Hi guys. Can someone tell me where to get an id marker?

Hello @gulak6

It’s a bit hard to tell you where to find the marker ID without knowing what is it that you’re trying to do, but let me try to give you an example

If you would like to update the position of a marker that you know exists in the map, then provide that marker id directly

If you would like to update the marker position based on a click then the marker ID will be available under the element state called click marker ID

In essence, the marker ID can be a value that you already know or a value that the user has somehow interacted with

Under the map element states there’s also a state that has a list of all markers that are on the map

Hey I’m also having issues with deleting markers?

I’m also not getting any states for center lat,long, zoom level, basically no states except for map ready.

Is this plugin still being maintained?

Hey @chad5 ,

Yes it is being maintained. I would recommend to take a look at the demo site that is in the plugin page that contains many usage demos.

As for the states they are not initialized by default. You will need to attach event listeners to activate the states. Just keep in mind that any action you perform on the map should happen after the map ready state is yes

The demo page has proper usage examples that includes marker removal

Thanks Ali… and I see on your site to remove markers you reset map.

For my use this causes the map to refresh… And i’m having trouble with the delete markers action

Thanks for the answer @AliFarahat
I will describe what I need it for.
There is a route from point A to point B. When the car starts moving, I need to update the location of point A.

So instead of the reset can’t you use remove marker action?