Google maps marker with number!

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to create an icon on google maps, that would display a number on the marker.


Is it possible to do this on bubble? Or should i find other ways, via JS?
To make things easy, i don’t need a customised icon, i can use the standard one. What is important for me, is to be able to count data.

Thank you

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while I don’t have an exact answer for you. I did see a Google API video on youtube today that specifically talked about this functionality being recently added and a little bit about how it can be used. As for specifally using it Bubble maybe it’ll help you get in the right direction.

Here is a link to that video:
Google Maps API


Use the maps “Show Title window”, and set it to always show.

Then put your number in the Marker Caption field. You will need your number to be on the thing that the marker is set to.


Thank you. I will have a look :slight_smile:

Thank you @NigelG

The issue i am facing is setting up the marker caption to count the existing data there is in a specific address.

With this condition is retrieving 1

Yes, I would have thought that would always return 1.

What are you trying to count ?

The map is showing all the listings i have on the data base and the address for each listing is a city. I want the marker to return the total amount of listings i have for each listing.

Example: Marker in London ----> shows caption with total amount of listings in London.

I tried to play around with condition #items until _ (but with no success).

Hi @mignownow
Did you get this sorted. Is so can you tell us how. I am trying to achieve the same and can’t figure it. Hoping you can help