Image in Google Map Marker and Making it Clickable?

Im using a google map that has a lot of markers on it. When you click on the marker, you get a small caption. Ive added a Name to the caption and an image that I previously uploaded, but the image doesn’t show, it only shows the url of the image.

Is there anyway to make a thumbnail of the image show up?

Also, is there anyway to click on this caption and have a repeating group show up with images from google images?

I also have a question about the map marker, is it possible to show different icons on the same map?
Let’s say I want to show restaurants and coffee shops on a map but using different marker images for each, can I do that?

The caption is just text at the moment it seems, maybe worth raising that if you point it at an image you get the file path, but displaying an image would be nice. You can of course turn the marker into a dynamic image.

Also, the caption isn’t clickable (again, it would be useful if it was) but the marker is. You can run workflows from clicking the marker (which can annoyingly be hidden behind captions!) to display data in repeating groups. I do that to expand on lists for particular Google places.

So two for @emmanuel ? Images in captions, and clickable captions ?


On the icons on the map marker, yes you can specify that the icon is data dependant, and pull through an image from the data you are using from your map.

But…I tried using Google Places icons, but they don’t scale very well at all, which is surprising.

But who doesn’t want a Martini half a mile wide :smile:


Thats helpful. Thank you.

Do you have an example of how to run the workflow from clicking the marker?

So here I am displaying a set of data in a repeating groups when the user clicks on the marker.

Happy to put this in the forum app if you are struggling.


Hi NigelG,

I am currently trying to figure out how display sets of data on a map and access the details of the data by clicking the marker.

Currently what happens is that when you click on the marker, you dont only get the data of the marker you clicked, but all data. I have not managed to only display the data of the selected set. Not sure how to do this…

in the attached examples you can see the following:

  1. a map with markers - if you click the marker you should be shown only the details of the marker (so title, adress so on)
  2. but I have not managed to show only the details of the marker clicked (in the example i clicked on COMPUTER) but got the entire list of titles instead of only the title “Computer”
  3. I tried to make this work by doing a “Search for items title” - but of course there needs to be some additional filter / condition but I dont know how to make this work.

any ideas are appreciated.


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Yes, I think the gotcha here is that you can’t reference the thing directly.

What I had to do is use Repeating Group, and do a search (which would only return 1 thing).

“ThisGoogleMaps Current Marker’s Location Name” = Location Name (so search for a location where the name is the name of the location marker I have just clicked on).

You can see it in action here.

It works, but it isn’t ideal.

Dear Nigel,
Thank you for the example, but how did you managed to make such map? I am trying to make the same using “Data dependent” and “Icon field”, but I can’t see any ways to connect different icon fields in my database with other data. I can just choose one or another icon field for all the data within data type in the database.

Those are the icons that come back from Google Places.

So you would need to add an image field to each address you want to show on the map.

I wanted to make the marker clickable, and found this forum.

It seems it is not available at this time. I think if there is this function, that would be very nice.

Yes, you can still only display data in a seperate element, not within the map.

Hi do you have a workflow for this I’m still kind of confused on how to set it up, thank you.

Just the part about it doing a search “ThisGoogleMaps Current Marker’s Location Name” = Location Name (so search for a location where the name is the name of the location marker I have just clicked on).

Hello Nigel,

Do you have the work flow documentation on how to get photo with content/description to populate once a marker is clicked? I’m new to bubble and I’m stuck at this point. Thank you for your time.

Is this possible? I am having issues getting it work

Yes, but you need to display it on a separate element.

Is it possible to see an example? I am not understanding how to do it

Set up an action on the Marker Being Clicked.

Then pull in the data from the list of markers and use that to display something.

Here I have a list of locations, with names, that are displayed on a map.

When clicked I search for all other lists with that locations names (from the current marker variable), and show it in a repeating group.

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Thank you Nigel, I will see if I can get it to work.