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Google map's markers moving in real time

i would like to have a map that has list of markers that each one is a user of my app
and this map is telling me where are my users in real time… i have set everything
but im stuck at the point where i want my marker’s location that is equal to user’s location field at database
to be updated whenever my user gps location is changed…
is this possible in bubble ? sorry for the bad english.

Its in the insert dynamic data section of an element, its the current geographic position

Here is a better explanation…
You could have a field under the user type have holds the users current location. You could also use the “when page loads” “make changes to… users current location”

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Hey does this work? I been having issues trying to add a Google Map marker in real time where other users can see the marker on the map. I am not sure what wrong with the app.