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Google Maps: I want to see Market Labels

Hello everyone, I am Jay, working with Ashley.
I am working on some google map things, but I couldn’t find a right answer now.

I want to see the location of users in real time also their user names.

So first, When user logins and page is loaded, change their location data.

EMAIL -------------USERNAME ---------- LOCATION
[email protected] ------------JAY----------------------KOREA
[email protected] ------------HANJO---------------- JAPAN
[email protected] -----------GENJI--------------------- USA

like this, then I can see markers on the map, but they look same.
Can I add a label on each marker based on app data?

you need an attribute at the user with an icon. At the Map you point at that attribute as “icon field” (a list of users should be already your data source for the map element)


Thanks for the answer!

In my screen, I can not find data dependent in the Customized icon. I think, Type of markers(geographic address) doesn’t offer that function. Should I use geocoding instead of geographic address?(in Type of markers)

Really thanks!

Try to set type of markers to “Users Location” and Data Source to Users Location’s locations.

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Oh, Awesome it’s working.
Really thanks to make it work.

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