Google Maps Plus Code Plugin

Hello community👋
I am very excited to launchGoogle Maps Plus Code plugin😄

Google Plus Map Codes are location keys that represent street addresses as alphanumeric codes based on latitude and longitude. They are open-source, free, and easy to access and use. They can be used to receive deliveries, access emergency and social services, and otherwise help people map or find an address :fire:

This can be used to map, manage, and share locations with ease. As a free, universal solution, the Placekey community is able to develop their own unique solutions, all leveraging the Placekey universal identification system.:wink:

Plus Code uses a traditional grid system to divide the globe. This square system is inferior to the hexagonal grid system that Placekey uses, which is the H3 hexagonal hierarchical spatial index system also used by Uber.

U can use latitude and longitude to Plus code without API key. :fire:UNLIMITED FREE (best for tracking) :grinning::tada:

:point_right: latitude and longitude to plus code
:point_right:address to plus code
:point_right:latitude and longitude to plus code with local address
:point_right:plus code to latitude and longitude

If U want address to Plus Code U need a API key
IF U want latitude and longitude to Plus code with local address U need a API key. API only needs Geolocation service. (Remember Google Maps platforms provide $200 monthly credits 🥹)

This is my 1st plugin :relieved: I request everyone please suggest edits and features.

Thanks :relaxed::+1:

maybe a stupid question. But how do the plugin work in How can I use it?

Just install it on your app via plugins
And you can use it use it right away.

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Thank you verry much for reply.
I have installed the plug in. When I create a marker in the middle of nowhere, it stores the marker correct as plus code. But when I save a marker close to a building, it saves the marker as a address instead of plus code. Sometimes I have to move the marker 50 meters or more to get the plus code. Do you know how to change that?

as you can see in the photos I have to move the map pretty much to get the plus code

kind regards Steen

Actually as I can see you are not using the plugin for your output.
Address you are getting is from the Google maps API and not from the plus code plugin.
Can you show the settings for your text (address ) and map

I have changed it but it still dossent work


Maybe it helps if I explain what I’m trying to accomplish. Ill like user to add markers, that are saved in plus code format for best precision.

Ill like a map where users can see alle the markers, other users have made. The map must load the list of(plus code) markers on page load.

In the pluscode (input field) initial content must be- get data from Google maps plus code (plugin)'s > plus code
Where you are required to fill two parameters latitude and longitude to the plugin dynamically using your maps.

Hi Again

and thank you SO much, it seems to saved the plus codes now, but I really don’t know, because the “database” just shows “ (data from API connector)” is that correct. I would really like to see the actual plus codes, so I can confirm it works and is precise.

How do I get the map to show alle the markers a user made? If I can’t do that. What’s the point?

Actually you should be storing actual plus code in your db, something is not set up properly there, show the workflow of saving the data.

Hi again

What should “content format be” it set to text, i tried Adress to same error?

kind regards.

Wau please see the error message, Its a bit funny.

I’m afraid all the problems are because map element only work properly with addresses, if the “field type” is set to “geographic address”.

For example, if I want to load a list of markers, a list is loaded just fine when I use a “geographic address” field type. But it won’t work if I choose the plus code field because it is “lat.lon to code with local address Plus code)”



Sent some details in messages

First of all there are 2 type of codes global code and plus code in Google maps.

What we are getting here is global code
849VCWC8+R9 should be converted to 849VCWC8%2BR9
(+) to (%2B)
As per the documentation here

Take example here

travel mode can be driving too
Origin/destination can be current location
Any one of the location will be our global code where + needs to be changed to %2B by using find and replace function in bubble.
Create a button to open an external url which will be url structure of the above example nd it will work.

still dosent work, se mail/message with video and screen dump