Google Maps random behaviours loading markers


I’m using the standard (Bubble) Google Maps element to render places on a map and I’ve noticed random behaviours for the past 3-4 days:
On my dev environment with a limited set of data (10-20 addresses) it takes a couple seconds to load the markers on the map
On my Live environment with a lot more addresses I seem to get random results:

  • No marker appear at all
  • Makers appear after a few seconds
  • Makers appear fast (as expected)

On my biggest map (>12 000 addresses) it doesn’t seem to appear at all anymore (it did work fine last week though…)

I don’t have any error message on screen (front end) or in the events logs, except from a “performance warning” (Your page has downloaded more than 2 megabytes of data via searches. This can slow down your app, you could look into simplifying it to download less data.)

Does anyone know if there are some kind of limitations on either Bubble and/or Google side?

Any idea or best practice to optimise this?

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