Google/Outlook Calendar integration for self-service scheduling

I have developed an automated recruiting assistant for small businesses. Once job seekers go through the bot (SMS or web chat), I want them to be presented with interview date/time options where they will self-select a convenient time.

I’m curious if anyone has ever connected to Google Calendar, preferably, or Outlook, secondarily, to pull availability from a list of persons and then present options client-side (external users of the Bubble app)?

The functionality would work like this:

  1. Job seeker goes through chat conversation and is deemed to be qualified for an interview.
  2. Trigger activates to look at employer-side calendars (whoever is responsible for interviewing applicants) to find calendar openings.
  3. Employer-side calendar openings are presented to job seeker via SMS or web chat.
  4. Job seeker selects an option, and a meeting is booked for all parties with meeting notifications firing (normal calendar functionality for notifications)
  5. If meeting needs to be rescheduled, original meeting can be canceled and steps 1-4 are repeated.

I’m curious if anyone’s done it and if you could point me to online resources where I can read about the specifics.

Thanks all!

@boston85719 is your man!


Of course! Full calendar scheduler suite plugin is your tool. Or one of @boston85719 templates.