Meeting Scheduler Bookings - Google Calendar Offline Access - Available Time Slots

Excited to announce the release to the marketplace of the Meeting Scheduler Template.

This template allows users to signup to the app and then connect their Google Calendar for true offline access. Users are able to select from a list of users to create a complete list of available time slots by checking the google calendar events of all users selected.

The meeting booking process is fast and easy…schedule a meeting with multiple users on a date and time you know they are available in minutes.

Check out the video demonstrating how easy it is for a user to signup and connect their Google Calendar of choice.

Check out the video demonstrating how easy it is for a user to select multiple other users, set the earliest start and end date for a meeting to take place, as well as earliest start and latest start time of a meeting plus the duration of the meeting and the booking interval and get a list of all the available time slots using the selected users Google Calendar events.

This template is easy to integrate into existing projects as it was built to be the perfect addition to any CRM or SaaS product.

Never has it been easier to book meetings with multiple users. Only shows available time slots based on the dates and times selected.

For demonstration purposes there are two test users. Please watch the videos above for clear examples of how the template functions.

No paid plugins were used in the creation of this template, so there are no extra charges necessary for it to function. However, a karmaware plugin is utilized and for good karma please be sure to provide what you feel is appropriate to the plugin developer (I am not affiliated with the plugin in anyway).


This is really cool. How do you make it so one user can access the events of another users Google calendar to block off time slots for booking purposes?

Saving registered users calendar ids and calling the data that way later so appointment slots can be created on the fly based on everyone’s current calendars?

This is the way.

Everyone’s chosen calendar would be set to public, right?

Great work, brw

No. When they go through the authorization process the application requests access to all of their calendars.

One of the users in the template as a test user has the following setting on their primary calendar

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