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Google ReCAPTCHA Enterprise

Looks like the next generation of Google’s ReCAPTCHA service is here: Enterprise.

Since this is run through an API only, the existing plugin with keys will no longer work. Having barely gotten the Google Maps APIs to work even with highly detailed instructions directly from Bubble, would someone please walk us zero-code folks through setting this up?

Thanks All!

I’m stuck too. I was wondering why the plugin needed two keys, but Google only gave one. Any assistance appreciated.

@jacob.schuler any luck here?

Bumping this topic. Anyone who has successfully integrated reCAPTCHA Enterprise can you please inform us how you did it?

Alternatively is there a way that we can run the legacy v2 version. I’m not currently seeing how it’s possible.

@jacob.schuler and @socialrepublic I came across this article and it had a link to a Google reCAPTCHA Admin Console which is still operational. I was able to get it to work via that console.

Super frustrating how google seems to bury legacy methods under 1000 layers of new, but I hope this helps others who come across issues thinking v3 or reCAPTCHA Enterprise is the only way to go.

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