Google Search Console - Canonical URLs

I’ve checked the “Point URLs to primary domain for better SEO” but I’m not too sure what that does for SEO purposes.

I’ve also just set up my site with Google Search Console, however there are multiple pages that are showing up as not-indexible and it’s not clear why some are and others aren’t. I’ve attempted to “request indexing” from Google on those links but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

Is there a setting within Bubble that I need to change to make a link indexible by Google?

Getting links in your Bubble app indexable by Google requires making the links a link element (not a Button with an action) and then getting Google to discover the link with Google Search console - with a sitemap.xml, backlinks (and more).

There’s a lot of SEO advice in the forum. Reading through get’s you informed quite quickly also. And of course

I curate my personal checklist of getting all the basics right in a Bubble app here;

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