Google Sheet list of addresses --> Bubble map

I’m new to Bubble, and here’s what I’m trying to do: I have a Google Sheet with ~1500 rows of data, each row representing one map location that I want to show on a map in my Bubble app. The Sheet will get updated constantly, so I want Bubble to query the Sheet each time it loads (not do manual uploads).

I was successfully able to set up Bubble to extract data from the Google Sheet via the API connector:

For reference, I am doing a GET to:{spreadsheet-id}/1/public/values

My Sheet has address data already pre-populated with latitude and longitude. Here’s an example sheet with just two rows of data:

What I can’t figure out is how to access either the address or the lat/long from the Sheet in the map.

Here’s how I’ve set up the API connector:

Here’s how I’ve set up my map:

The map displays no pins (defaults to NYC). What’s weird is that when I create a repeating group to show that I am actually extracting data from the API call, I am able to easily pull out the Sheet column labelled “title”, but one formatted address comes out as “Antarctica” and the other one is blank.

I’ve tried the calculated address approach talked about in other posts, and haven’t been able to make that work from data extracted directly via the API Connector.

I appreciate any advice… thanks.

I wasn’t able to get much further than you did.

As an alternative, you could set up a Zapier Zap to add new Google Sheets row to a Bubble Database ?

I would say having 1500 map markers via a google sheet might be pushing the envelope !

Why don’t you store the whole database in Bubble? That would make things much easier, and if you’re not using the sheet for anything specific, you could reproduce the functionality in Bubble.

@emmanuel Unfortunately, I have custom Google Apps Scripts and web scraping (via that all connect to Google Sheet (I use these tools to generate the data).

I have done something similar with to scrape data to a Google sheet (where it had some Blockspring functions added).

Zapier should be able to poll your sheet and trigger workflows in Bubble to add any new entries.

Hi @emmanuel, brand new in Bubbling, I am willing to import existing G-Sheet to deal with them definetely into Bubble.
Is there a way to do this? (without the ‘paid plan’ at this stage, since I am fully rebuilding an app…)
Thanks in advance