Linking a Dataset to Google Map

I’m new to Bubble.
I followed the tutorial on how to make a search bar, button and a map.

Now I am wondering if there is a way to connect my map with another set of data.
For example,

Lets say I search ‘11 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019’ - which is an address for Museum of Modern Art.
Not only the location tag on the map, I also want to see the finished date of construction of that building below the map. This will apply to any address as long as they have that data either in API or my excel sheet.

So the idea is, is there a way where I can link an API or an Excel sheet where I can have another set of information upon searching? I’m just using Construction Date as an example but it could be any information related to a building / architecture such as water consumption, date built, zoning etc etc.

This is the reply that I got from Bubble support,

‘When you click on a map icon, instead of bringing up the default Maps API data, you could bring up a Group Focus element, which could display the data you’re interested in showing. Then, you could have a variety of dynamic expressions to bring up the data you need’

which I had a hard time understanding and wasn’t sure if this is the right way.
or maybe this is the right way and I’m still very amateur with this app.

Thank you - please let me know if you have further question

Hello, having the same issue here. How did you manage to solve it?