Google Signup Authentication feature | Issue to publish app to Google Cloud Platform

Hey guys.

I am currently creating an app and I want to use Google as way to signup users using 0auth from Google Cloud Platform

I followed this video to do it and, in the Development version, is working perfectly fine. Now it’s time to run it in the Live version.

In order to use Google to authenticate users - and get their profile image and email - they require me to create an app in Google Cloud Platform (as you can see in the video tutorial I’ve sent) and to pass through their evaluation process, publish the app I had to create there, so that it works in the Live version.

To pass through the evaluation process they require me:

  • An official link to your app’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
  • A YouTube video showing how you plan to use the Google user data you get from scopes
  • A written explanation telling Google why you need access to sensitive and/or restricted user data
  • All your domains verified in Google Search Console.

They also say it can take weeks to get this approval. Is this normal stuff? Has anybody done Google Signup before using 0auth to confirm this for me? Or am I doing something wrong?

Any help is super welcome. :yellow_heart:

I guess as I remember. It is and you have to wait for approval. Like a same steps as a passing review of your app in the apple store.