Signup/Login with Google

I’m new to bubble and and am learning so bear with me if this question seems simple. It’s about Signup/Login with Google.

I’ve successfully connected and tested the Google login api but I’m wondering about the best implementation of it and am a little confused on the sign up aspect of using the api versus login.

Do I only need to set up step 1 of the workflow for Signup/Login with Google? Through testing when a user clicks the login with Google button I’ve created, their email gets added to my database but does this mean that with this method there’s no need to sign the user up? That they can just log in with their gmail and it’s stored in the database or am I missing something?

I attempted to add a step 2 to the workflow to “Sign the user up” and for the email I chose “Current User’s Google’s Email” but I don’t see a password option for the “Current User’s Google’s”. I ran into the same issue when attempting to add a step 2 to the workflow to “Log the user in”.

Should I just create two buttons, one for login and one for sign with both having just step 1 of the workflow as “Signup/login with Google” without needing to add other steps to the workflow?

Hi @moneymarketinteract ,
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When a user logs in with their Google account, they do not need a password, since their password is the one used to signup/login with Google. You only need the Signup/login with Google step in the workflow, you do not need the Sign the user up step if you already have the other one.

Infinity is spot on.

It is quite often useful to make changes to the user directly after this step, which is why the other options are available. You can “Make Changes to a Thing” : “result of Step 1” and add a new user’s name, profile ID, etc. with this info after they login.

That makes a lot of sense.

That was my plan grottofilms. Once the user logs in with Google I was going to use the information pulled from Google like their name, profile picture etc to create a profile page for my users.