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Google Tag Manager plug-in


Does someone know how to you the google tag manager plugin?

I am using my GTM ID but don’t know how to effectively use the plug in? Workflows? Or any other way?
Thanks for the help!

No need to use a plug-in for this in the first place. It’s much easier to simply drop the code provided by Google into the header/body fields under the
Settings->SEO/Metatags section of the builder.


Brilliant! Even better :slight_smile:
Thanks @alxgrepe

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Hi @alxgrepe ,

Seems like there isn’t a need to add the Google Tag Manager script to each page in bubble, just the Settings Header and body?


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Yes, just put into the header.

Nothing else needed.

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Thanks, @Sarah_Biberei. If each page already has google analytics scripts on them (from before using GTM), I’m guessing they should be removed from each page and the Google Analytics should be through the GTM?

I have never done it differently to be honest. So I always used the script only in the header and in my case it was always working.

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Awesome. Thanks, Sarah.

Yes, exactly so @jasonturo - integrate GA (and everything else) in Google Tag Manager and then drop in the replacement GTM tag(s) in the old code’s place in that page and you’re done.

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Thanks, @alxgrepe . Do you put the GTM scripts in each page or only in the settings tab, SEO/Metatags “script tags in header” and “script in the body” like @Sarah_Biberei does it?


Exactly - only in the setting section - it will propagate everywhere.

If you don’t want to fire the GTM on some pages - (let’s say, the /version-test/ path), you can define an exception trigger for that (“page contains version-test/” in GTM) and attach it to your GA tag.