Grabbing Database Data Before Next Page Load

Not sure if there is a workaround to this on Bubble right now, but has anyone thought it’d be a good idea to have some type of toggle where you can choose to begin loading data on the page as its loading and showing spinner/loading icon, and on other pages you can choose to fetch the data as the page is loading so that when the next page loads it just blasts a bunch of data right on the page and the data is already loaded?

Obviously it will cause the page to load slower but I think websites like Airbnb does this. As you’re looking at homes to rent it shows homes loading on the page with spinning icons, but when you go into your message inbox and then go to a message thread and pick one of teh threads, it fetches all the database data and only loads the page when that fetch is complete. I think the way bubble is built now is that even if you send data to a page it loads on page load rather than on the way to the next page.

Just a thought.

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