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UI Tips to offer a more smooth experience

We’ve built quite the system in Bubble and on boarding clients (corporates & startups). We’re getting some feedback abourt people not experiencing our interface as “modern”. What they are getting at is when we load a screen it’s built up some things show, while other things wait a while.

We have already looked into optimizing different sections. Actually, one item on the roadmap will be using Agolia (heard RGs are super fast with that setup). But for now, I’m looking for some tips maybe:

  • in design
  • partial loading tips
  • animations I can add to distract the attention from loading

How do you guys work with this? And maybe what in Bubble am I not utilizing?

Can you provide more context about the type of data you’re showing and how many different data searches or hits to the database that are unique you might be completing on any given page load? One thing I like to do is hide groups that are below the fold and then only show them once content above the fold has been loaded. Alternatively you can cascade showing groups on a time delay so that Your DB isn’t being bombarded by 1 million different data calls all at once


So the premise is it large corporates want to innovate through collaboration with startups. We help them weed through all the startups to see which one matches best for their aim.

Corporates have Search Themes (what they are looking for)
Search Themes I can add Review Templates
Startups (10 to 100) are added to Review Templates of Search Themes

and then we log the responses of the different people to manage the process of who they’ll work with.

You see the loading happens haphazardly. It comes across as jittery. I was hoping to either put top-level loading elements on the RG’s and RG’s within them,… but not sure based on what I show the loading.

How do I do this?

Maybe I should just hide the whole page and show it after loading,… and show some sort of progress bar.
Suggestions are welcome.

Might be worth getting your hands on this The Ultimate Guide to Bubble Performance - 156 pages of optimizing tips I picked up some useful tips from it.


Great suggestion. Which one is your favorite that made a big impact?

Structuring your database properly (something that is still a work in progress for me).

There is also this guy Profile - josh24 - Bubble Forum that offers a review process and suggests performance improvements (haven’t used him so can’t comment on efficacy)

Yeah,… that’s always to question between normalisation and de-normalisation. I don’t like flat structures because it’s less flexible and you need to store data multiple times (error prone),… sadly bubble works faster if it setup like that.
Would be great if they offered VIEWS,… would be the best of both worlds.