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Gradient Background not Covering All of a Responsive Page

Hey all, posting here to see if it behaves like this on anybody else’s mobile device before filing an official bug report. If you head to on your mobile device, you should see the background cut off and leave the bottom portion of the page white. I’m really, really hoping this isn’t intended behavior, as I have the page’s responsiveness functioning as intended otherwise. Here’s an image I’m seeing on my Google Pixel XL:

The top half of the page has the gradient, the bottom half of the page is just white. Any ideas if this is intended? I definitely do not want to make the page taller, that’ll just leave a crap-ton of empty space on the desktop page.

I just tried on my phone and it’s showing the white there as well. I also tried to recreate in a test page and it worked fine there (without any elements). Hmm… are the plan types a repeating group or three different groups?

*Debug is showing that the white area is the ‘container desktop’ element and that that element has a white background

Interesting. The container has a background style set to “none,” it’s supposed to just be clear and rely on the page style. The plans are 3 separate groups inside the “Container Desktop.”

I think I’d classify this as a bug. I’d expect the “page” element to span the entire page, not quit partway through. I’ll file a report. Thanks for poking!

No problem! :slight_smile: Yeah I figured you had the background to be clear at all times!

I’m fixing this issue with a workaround. When the page width is narrower than a certain value, I’m changing the Background of the Container Desktop to replicate the gradient. It’s a hack, but it gets rid of the white.

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Did you flag this in a bug report and they said they couldn’t fix? I’ve noticed the same thing.

I’ve also noticed the same thing at the bottom of the screen.