Blank white space on the right of responsive index page

Hey all thanks so much in advance, I’m kind of a newbie so please bear with me

I switched over to the new responsive engine and have build most of my site this way.
The page is fully responsive on my desktop the everything looks great until you bring the window in smaller like you’re testing it for mobile view. And when I visit the site on my phone it gives me this weird half white space on the right. As pictured above just like in the desktop.

Why isn’t the responsiveness working ? I feel like I’ve erase started lver and rebuilt this thing like 4 times searched every YouTube video and still can’t find an answer . Is this a bug? Am I missing something simple any help ASAP would be so appreciated. I’m like brain dead trying to figure this out.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi. I am a little confused as well, but I think you just need to do some moving stuff around. Maybe change stuff to be more compatible with the mobile view. If there is something more specific that I am not mentioning, please let me know.

Hi @rap02739 did you manage to resolve this issue? I am having the same troubles. Thanks

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This is happening because there is an element that’s larger than the page width so the browser is zooming out.

Probably the easiest way in Bubble to troubleshoot this would be to open up the page and click on the responsive view. Set the width to mobile

The start at the top of the element tree and click on every element from top to bottom and if you hover over the element you’ll eventually see the thing that’s sticking out the sides and you’ll need to adjust it so it fits within the page. Hope this makes sense.

i.e. You can see this element is pushing beyond the page boundaries, so it would cause that issue. In reality I don’t show this particular element on mobile so it’s not an issue for me, but if I did then it would cause the same issue.

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