Gradient chart help needed

Hello All,
I want to create a chart attacthed, can anyone help me out with the smooth and gradient dynamic chart. I want to do by free plugin.


Use : CharJs plugin .

Thank you, but its paid plugin. I am looking for a free solution.

You can create a descent chart using bubble builtin chart element. too

yes, I have created like this

But not getting how to change the graph area color as per design in gradient color.

Its mentioned on element bro, dig deeper you will get it.

Could you please share screenshot or steps if you have any idea how to do it ?
I have checked the whole chart element, I am not getting it.

It will be very helpful, thank you.

Sorry, not on my system at the moment, but i would live to help you out once i get active.

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managed to do like this

Now I just need to apply the gradient colors.

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Still didn’t found anything for the gradient colors. any help would be great.

Hello @Baloshi69,
If you are available, could you please show me where to fix the gradient ?

Thanks in advance!!