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Random color list (RGB)


Using Charts and Graphs Plugin | Bubble and wondering how I can add dynamic color list (rgb), where number of values (and colors therefore) might differ.


I have no knowledge of this plugin but that Colors field is a standard long text field. You can make that as dynamic as you want. Just write a dynamic expression. If the expression changes, that’ll cause the plugin to re-run its update function.

Also, for questions about a specific plugin, take it to the forum thread for that specific plugin if you want any chance of the plugin developer responding. C’mon man.

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Thanks for the reply @keith!

Do you know how the dynamic expression for colors would look like? I can even add in the option set (color for each industry)? But to add rgb values, it would take a long time, wondering if for now I can go with random colors?

Yes, I engaged my self to the thread, few questions at the beginning, no to overwhelm the thread. Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you!