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Gravatar for Bubble?

Is there a way to enable Gravatar for user profiles in Bubble?

If otherwise, are there any alternative solutions other than asking users to upload their own images?

And for users who prefer not to upload an image, how can we add a standard avatar (like that in this forum) to the user profile?

Thanks in advance for sharing your views!

Right now, Gravatar isn’t a plugin for Bubble. Feel free to request it here.

An alternative would be to pull the profile image from a user’s social media account. I’ve done this with Facebook.

As for a default image, hide the element that typically displays the user’s profile if it’s not available and present an image of your choice with an icon or another image element.

Many thanks Scott for your helpful answer!

It’s really kind of you to share your experience, very much appreciate the advice! :smile:


I would like to have default avatar/icons for new users like the ones on Bubble forum with 1 letter, one color. What would be the best way to achieve that ?

This should be feasible by having 24 workflow (1/ letter in the alphabet) but there is maybe a smarter way to achieve this…

I understand bubble website has been built on bubble so (@emmanuel maybe…?)

many thanks!

Well we actually used discourse for our forum, so we didn’t do that ourselves. But your way is def a way to do it (or make a text element just using the first letter, instead on an icon).

If I understand correct, I would say the best way to do this is via function"truncate to":

Regarding the background color (and cases like “user has already uploaded his profile picture”) you could use the conditional function


Thanks, this works very well !

I am sure I would be able to maintain both the picture and the text avatar across the app though…