Group a product listing from multiple sellers under 1 product listing


I am trying to build a marketplace once which a buyer can buy the same product from multiple sellers. For example, if you selling a book on the marketplace, multiple sellers can list the same book for sale. On the main catalogue listing page I want to displace all products, but only show one unique tile per product. Then within the product tile do a count to show the number of active listings for that product. A user would then be able to click on the product and be taken to the product page where I will be able to show all sellers and the price at which they are wanting to sell the product for.

I can not work out how to “group” all listings for the same product into 1 item in a repeating group.

In the example below I want both the “Where the Crawdads sing” books to show as 1 tile. I can then do a count on the number of books that are for sale and show it on the tile as a count of items for sale (this step I can already do).

Can anyone recommend a way to limit the listing of products to only one unique tile per product?

It seems like the issue may be with your data structure. If it’s setup so that each product title is a unique item and each user owns a quantity of those items then the search will just be all products that exist under the relevant category and the duplication issue will be eliminated. On the product page, you show all users (sellers) that own quantity of the item greater then 1

Thanks Zaque! I’ll try restructure the data and see if it helps.

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