Need help for my marketplace app

Hello bubblers,
I am wondering if you guys could help me out.

I am building a marketplace app where one user can buy something from another user.
So each user will have a repeating group of things sold and things bought.
I want this repeating group to function as a dashboard where you can control the buying and selling procedure.

For instance, a user A buys something called B from user C. On A’s page’s bought item list(repeating group) item B will be shown. On user C’s sold item list, B will be shown as well.

I want to show a text on C’s sold item list when A pays for the item so that C will know that the payment is completed for the item B. A is going to pay from A’s bought item list.

I’m trying a million ways to do this but still cannot figure out.

Any help will be appreciated.

Disclaimer: Im not a pro-bubbler :wink:

So if I would develop the same dashboard I would probably create 1 table with the following columns;

Seller | Buyer | Status | +Product related information

I would put filters on each repeating group to only show the the products that they are selling or have bought. The status field could be used during the buying workflow and can be updated to something like Sold or Completed. This text can be shown in the repeating group. If you only want the status Completed to be shown, you can do a condition on the text/button to only be shown when Status = Completed.

If you need help, I can take a look (free of charge)

Thank you, kh.japtjong. Do you think it is possible to build 2 dashboards for each user, 1 for things bought, 1 for things sold.

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Yes. Even if it’s on the same page. You can add filters to repeating groups to make one show bought and the other one with sold. You can also do it on separate pages

It seems that it cannot correspond to the right cell. I set the filter as first item. Then info will be overwritten as the first item forever.

Could you maybe pm for the editor? Then we can take a look together and fix it

I was trying again, looking closely into what you were trying to say, and it’s solved! :grinning:

So at first, I had separate DB for items bought and items sold, but from what you said, it turned out that I only needed one DB for both.

Big thanks to you!

No problem. Happy i could help