'Group By' not working?

Hey all,

Been working with Bubble for a while now and have never run into anything like this. A bit of context, I’m putting together an app to track account information and metrics for e-commerce clients. Because the data in my test app is real client data, I wouldn’t be able to open my app to everyone for troubleshooting without some effort, so I’m hoping to find an answer via description and screenshot.

I have a popup that displays a brand’s information. Part of that information is “Volumes”, monthly entries of the number of returns that brand did. In preparation for displaying that data in a table, I’m attempting to group the Volumes by month and aggregate their totals. It was working fine until I copy and pasted an expression into the data source.

Ever since that copy/paste action, every time I select “Parent Group’s Brand->Volumes->group by…” the expression instantly changes to “Parent Group’s Brand null” but the group by window still pops up, I’m just not able to click anything. This happens with all groups in this popup now, but doesn’t seem to affect other areas of my app.

Any help would be much appreciated, as this has caused me hours of frustration trying to figure out.


Refreshing the browser will normally solve the problem.

Unfortunately, refreshing the browser and trying a different browser did no good. Reverting my app prior to the issue popping up did not solve it either.

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