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Group element acts weird

I’m sure many have experienced the same issue. Any idea how to fix this?

This will be to do with your responsiveness settings, and possible some other groups which may not collapse when hidden. If you share your responsiveness settings then we can no doubt figure it out :slight_smile:

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How can I share responsiveness settings? Would giving each group different color help you?

A screenshot of the group that isn’t behaving properly would be a good place to start. Also a screenshot of the editor with each group visible would be useful too.


So for some reason group doesn’t extend at full width properly.

  • It could be a general bug of bubble
  • Maybe the speed/duration at which all the groups appear/disappear affects all this.
  • Maybe I should change the sort of workflow actions.

Are you trying with new responsive engine?

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Hey Man! You might experience this if you’ve upgraded to responsive [beta].

Yep that’s a new responsive engine.

This could be the reason. You could also try changing the original element dimensions and making this element fixed-width.