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Group focus not displaying right dimensions


I’m working on a mobile app, and I have set up a focus group that should appear above the app bar which is at the bottom of the app. The app bar is the reference element for the focus group. The group focus is supposed to be a menu that pops up above the app bar when you click on a button on the app.

The app is 320 pixels wide. but when i specify 320px as the width of the focus group, this is what i have. I have tried everthing to make the focus group to fill the 320px but it acts really strangely. Can someone help me with this?

This is what it looks like in the editor:

but this is what it looks like when previewed:

The reason for the issue is the preview is for a phone that has a width of 414 not 320

Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 10.00.11 PM

The size of the groupfocus unfortunately is not capable of being dynamic, so there are no settings for the min width or max width or changing it from fixed width, so the groupfocus is not the right element for your situation.

Instead use a floating group, set it up so it floats just above the bottom navigation (I believe you used a floating group for that so the setup is the same)…then just use the same workflows for hiding/showing a groupfocus but change it to the floating group.

Make sure the floating group is not set to fixed width and it is dynamic in width.

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Thanks a lot. I’ll go for the floating group.

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