GroupFocus: How to position it accordingly

Hi guys,

In my mobile app (BDK native) I’ve got a bar with an button at the bottom of the screen. When touched, I want to open a GroupFocus Element (For showing Notifications).

Problem is the correct height and positioning. Right now, I refer to a “Group Main” which is basically the hole screen (which coordinate system is in the bottom-left corner).

I could theoretically get the Page width, but I can’t dynamically change GroupFocus values of size/ offset anyways, so how am I supposed to make it nice-looking on any mobile device?

I would really like to have it like 70% of width/height and adjusted to the middle vertically/ horizontally …

Any ideas? Thanks!

If somebody is searching for:

I’ve created a reusable element with a group that covers the hole screen. That group contains a floating group with margins the the main group. That solves the problem of size/ positioning.

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