Group Messaging API - Help Starting

Hello! I’m extremely new to Bubble and have arrived out of necessity. I’m working on a web application to manage weekly meetings for what used to be a small group and has now turned into 30+ people each week. The intent of the application is for the meeting host to create a meeting, list all items needed, and allow users to RSVP and select their items. This is all working great and the group is excited to have help managing the weekly craziness.

What I’m looking for help with is integrating this web application with the group messaging app “GroupMe.” I want to allow the host to message the group with the click of a button, and also to have reminders sent. I have little knowledge of true development, but can learn quickly if given the resources. My thought was that I could create a GroupMe chat bot (done) and set up an API to post to the group from the bot; but I am really struggling understanding how to build the API here.

Does anyone have any good getting started guides or tips on where to start? Or plans to create a free GroupMe integration in the near future :wink: ?!


Edit: This is the cURL to do what I want… is there just an easy way to execute this in my application?

curl -d ‘{“text” : “Your message here”, “bot_id” : “MY_BOT_ID_HERE”}’

Hi! Rodrigo from,
I may be able to craft a small plugin for that, give me half an hour

Hi again! I made a simple plugin for what you need, it allows you to retrieve the groups of the user, the bots of those groups, and it allows you to create a new bot for a group and send a text as a bot (which is what you mainly needed).

I did it in 25 minutes so the auth process is still very simplistic (you will need to put the token on every action of the plugin) but besides that it works. I will attach a small gif for you to see how it works.


the plugin is on private so let me know if you are interested in it :slight_smile:

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Thanks jr! Would you be willing to screenshot the relevant parts of the api setup so I could learn rather than just use your work?

It’s faster if you send me the name of your app to give you access to the plugin, that way you will be able to see all the setup and calls :slight_smile:

i just need the name of the bubble app, you can send it via PM if you prefer :slight_smile:

Thanks - Gobigred is the app I’m going to build this into!

Done, search for the plugin as GroupMe in your app, I leave the instructions in it

No luck finding it when searching for “GroupMe” in my gobigred application.

I wrote it correctly? 59

it has to be exactly as what appears after id= in the url:

Edit: it’s there now!

I assume I am missing something - but I can’t figure out how to view the actually coding/API information. When I click on the “Plugin Page” link, it just takes me to:

What do I need to do to see your code? I have continued to work on this on my own, but I can’t get it to work sending a message from a multi-line input. If I put the message, wrapped in quotes, directly into an action, it works - but when I try to populate the action with an input, it fails.

Sorry! it was because the plugin was on testing mode, I just launched it and is working with multiline inputs just fine. let me know if you need something else. I’m glad to help.

You’re correct - it does work with multiline in your version, just not in mine :frowning:

I still can’t see the API page to see the way you’ve created it though! I could just use what you’ve created here, but I would really like to learn to see what I have done wrong for multi-line to fail in my version.