Group vertical scrollbar keeps disappearing (Simple Group)

How can I make a simple group’s vertical scrollbar always appear?

Currently the scrollbar appears when I scroll, but it keeps disappearing when I stop scrolling. I want the user always know that the group is scrollable.

My example:

You can see on the right hand side a scrollbar appears beside the text when I start scrolling, but it also disappears when I stop scrolling. :frowning:

Setup of text:

Setup of group which contains the text above:

I have tried to play around the min-max height for both text and the group, tried “fit height to content property” as well. The group only contains the text element alone.

I tried to copy things from this bubble toturial:
Now Available: Allow Vertical Scrolling When Content Overflows
You can see in the video the scrollbar does not disappear after the user stopped scrolling. That’s what I want to achive as well.

Thank for any help!

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